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How to get to cat street

Located between the residential Mid Levels and Hong Kong Island's Western business district it is very easy to approach Upper Lascar Row, aka Cat Street antique market, by foot.  As the street itself cannot be traversed by cars any public transport such as Taxis needs to stop at either the upper or lower entrance of the road.

From Nathan Road - By Train and bus

If you are staying a hotel in Kowloon or elsewhere on Nathan Road then of course the best way to reach Hong Kong is via the MTR.  Hong Kong's underground railway system, the Mass Transit Railway or MTR, is clean, fast, and efficient.  Although crowded with commuters at rush hours it is otherwise by far the best way to reach any destination.

On Nathan Road located your nearest station, probably Nathan Road MTR station or  Jordan MTR station and board the Kung Tong line going south towards Central.

At Central station alight from the train and head above ground via exit "G" which opens up in the basement of the Landmark shopping arcade.  Head outside on Des Voux Road to the bus stop for the number 101 bus, which for HK$5.70 per person will take you as just 3 stops far as Hollywood Terrace.

Across the road from the bus stop take the steps up "Hiller Street", or further along up "Ladder Street".  Either one takes you there, Hiller is slightly closer but Ladder is more interesting.

Following the steps up takes you directly into Upper Lascar Row, there are signposts for Cat Street to follow as this is a major tourist destination.

From Causeway Bay

If you are in Causeway Bay or in Wanchai then there is an excellent bus route that takes you as far as is possible close to Cat Street by road.

Catch the bus number 26 from anywhere along it's route which stretches along Hennessy Road and alight when you reach the Man Mo Temple, itself an interesting tourist location.

Across the road from the Man Mo temple is a small park and playground, great for a picnic break or a chance for the children to play, and beside this a path leading down.  Follow this path, which is actually Ladder Street, and in moment you will be in Cat Street.

From the airport

If interesting small antiques and reproductions are very interesting to you and you are on a layover in Hong Kong then perhaps a quick trip from the Chep Lap Kok International Airport to Cat Street would be a good way to spend your time.

As the distance is large it would be best to take rapid and reliable transport.  The Airport Express railway system has a platform inside the arrivals hall of the airport, and can take you in 23 minutes into Hong Kong station in Central Hong Kong.  Even if you miss a train the delay is minimal as they run ever 12 minutes.

From Hong Kong station a taxi would be the best way to quickly reach Cat Street.  To avoid ambiguity it is best to ask the taxi driver for "Man Mo Temple", it is a well known destination, and from there walk down the hill a few moments into Cat Street.

With shopping completed at the other end of Upper Lascar Row turn left and find yourself in a few steps on Hollywood road where it will be easy to catch a taxi back to the Hong Kong station to reverse your trip.




Cat Street
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